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Stripper2 (a metamod plugin):

Stripper2 is a plugin for Half-Life (and MODs) that will allow you to temporarily strip out weapons, ammo, and other entities from maps.  You can also create a configuration file for each map that will allow you to add new entities to the map.  You can create new player spawn points, add weapons, add ammo, add items, and add effects like teleporters, explosions, ambient sounds, and permanent decals.

The Stripper2 plugin requires metamod to run.  You do not need to install AdminMOD, but if you do already have AdminMOD installed, then you also already have metamod installed (since AdminMOD also requires metamod).

There is a fairly extensive ReadMe.txt file included that explains how to set up metamod and how to configure metamod to use the Stripper2 plugin.  The ReadMe.txt file also explains how to add new entities to a map.

I have added a section in my forum exclusively for Stripper2 questions, problems, hints, tips, and examples.  Please read the ReadMe.txt file (and look through any forum questions and answers) before sending me e-mail with questions about Stripper2.

Downloading Stripper2:

Download the zip file and extract it to your Half-Life directory then read the enclosed ReadMe.txt file.

Download Stripper2 plugin - Version 1.0
Download the LINUX Stripper2 plugin - Version 1.0
Download Source code to the Stripper2 plugin - Version 1.0