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Bot Number 9:

Bot Number 9 will ONLY work with Half-Life version or higher. If you haven't already updated your Half-Life game to version, you will HAVE to do that before using this bot MOD.

Bot Number 9 has the following additions from Bot Number 8:

I've rebuilt the bot using the new Half-Life Update (version and the new Valve SDK 2.0

You can now use custom models. Use "addbot modelname" where modelname is the name of a custom model in your valve\models\player folder. For example use "addbot trinity" or "addbot skeleton" or "addbot homer", etc. Use "addbot modelname playername skill_level" if you wish to specify a name or skill level for the custom model. The default name is the same as the model file name.

I've modified the aiming code a little so that the bot's aim is better the closer they are to an enemy. The skill level still effects how accurate the bots are, but the way that I was doing the random aiming looked pretty bad when the bot's were very close to an enemy. That's also why the botcam tended to jump around a lot when the botcam was active (since it looks in the direction that the bot is aiming all the time).

I've added a few "taunt speaking effects" to the barney and scientist bots. They will occasionally say things when they kill you. For example the barney will occasionally say "Man! Did you see that shot?"

I've removed the bot's ability to use hand grenades since they never really understood how to use them well anyway.

The new version of Half-Life allows you to load maps from the valve\maps folder instead of having to copy them into the bot\maps folder. If you have any maps in the bot\maps folder, you should move them to the valve\maps folder and delete the bot\maps folder.

Downloading Bot Number 9:

I am using a self-extracting zip archive for the bot files. Download the executable and run it. The default install directory is C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\. If your Half-Life game is in another directory, change the default "Unzip to folder" to the location of your hl.exe file.

Download Bot Number 9
Download Source code to Bot Number 9