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- BotMixer5000
- HPB bot
- Bot # 10
- Bot # 9
- Bot # 8
- Bot # 007
- Bot # 6
- Cinco Bot
- Bot # 4
- PG Bot
- Gump Bot
- Fodder Bot

- The Darkulator
- BSP tools
- hpk_extract
- Monster
- Stripper2
- Singing Walter
- NetProbe
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BotMixer5000 - Allows you to use different bots together in HL, TFC or CS.
HPB Bot - For Half-Life, TFC, CS, DMC, OpFor and more.
Bot Number 10 - Bots with dedicated server support.
Bot Number 9 - For Half-Life Version and higher.
Bot Number 8 - Now with the Amazing Botcam!
Bot Number 007 - Bot, James Bot.
Bot Number 6 - It's better than the previous one!
The Cinco Bot - "Yo Quiero Cinco Bot!"
Bot Number 4 - The 4th bot in the series
The PG Bot - The Pretty Good Bot.
The Gump Bot - "Stupid is as stupid does, sir".
The Fodder Bot - It runs around and doesn't shoot back!
The Darkulator - The Darkulator allows you to take an existing BSP map file and adjust the lighting levels to make it darker or brighter.  You can also change the skymap texture name.

BSP tools - The BSP tools are a set of utilities that work with the BSP map files used by Half-Life and many of the MODs available for Half-Life.  There's a BSP viewer that allows you to fly around in a level.  There's a BSP slicer that will output a 2D "floor plan" layout of levels.  There's also a BSP tool that will dump information contained in the BSP files.

hpk_extract - hpk_extract allows you to extract bitmap images (spray logos) from the custom.hpk file in your Half-Life MOD directory.

Monster metamod plugin - Monster is a plugin for Half-Life (and MODs) that will allow you to add some of the monsters from the Half-Life single player game into other MODs.  Requires metamod.

Stripper2 metamod plugin - Removes weapons, ammo, healthkits, batteries, and other entities from Half-Life and MODs and allows you to add your own custom entities as well.  Works with any MOD that metamod supports.

Singing Walter - Winamp plug-in - A visualization plug-in for Winamp.  You can select from four scientists, Barney or the G-man from the Half-Life single player game and the model will move it's mouth in sync to the music being played by Winamp.

NetProbe - Proxy Network Monitor for Half-Life - Allows you to monitor the network traffic sent back and forth between Half-Life clients and servers.

Half-Life Coding Pages Mirror - Mirror of the Half-Life coding site.