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Here's some humorous comments that appear in the Half-Life Full SDK 2.2 source code...

//No platform specific code in vgui\lib-src\vgui dir. Code in vgui\lib-src\vgui should 
//only include from vgui\include or standard C includes. ie, if I see windows.h included
//anywhere but vgui\lib-src\win32 I will hunt you down and kill you. Don't give me any crap
//that mfc is platform inspecific.
utils\vgui\include\vgui.h (line 24-27)

// I am my own leader
dlls\aflock.cpp (line 418)

// Victory dance!
dlls\agrunt.cpp (line 802)

// CheckMeleeAttack1 - alien grunts zap the crap out of 
// any enemy that gets too close. 
dlls\agrunt.cpp (line 898-899)

// body is gonna be around for a while, so have it stink for a bit.
dlls\AI_BaseNPC_Schedule.cpp (line 477)

// crap, someone killed the prey on the way up.
dlls\barnacle.cpp (line 169)

// Alright, now I'm pissed!
dlls\barney.cpp (line 527)

// try to say something about smells
dlls\barney.cpp (line 756)

// Make the "my baby's dead" noise!
dlls\bigmomma.cpp (line 636)

// this is so the squid only does the "I see a headcrab!" dance one time.
dlls\bullsquid.cpp (line 223)

// haven't been hurt in 20 seconds, so let the squid care about stink. 
// (Unless after a tasty headcrab)
dlls\bullsquid.cpp (line 248-249)

// if the squid is running, has an enemy, was hurt by the enemy, hasn't
   been hurt in the last 3 seconds, and isn't too close to the enemy,
// it will swerve. (whew).
dlls\bullsquid.cpp (line 290-291)

// croonchy bite sound
dlls\bullsquid.cpp (line 632)

// there's something stinky. 
dlls\bullsquid.cpp (line 1051)

// Don't touch
// Don't move
// Don't draw
// Don't think
dlls\cbase.cpp (lines 692, 694, 696, 698)

// If you bleed, you stink!
dlls\combat.cpp (line 694)

// ok, start stinkin!
dlls\combat.cpp (line 697)

// hopefully this will fix the VELOCITY TOO LOW crap
dlls\combat.cpp (line 792)

// let the damage scoot the corpse around a bit.
dlls\combat.cpp (line 995)

// why does this work?
dlls\controller.cpp (line 556)

// CheckRangeAttack1  - shoot a bigass energy ball out of their head
dlls\controller.cpp (line 790)

// so let it just squash the object to death real fast
dlls\doors.cpp (line 709)

// this is the most hacked, evil, bastardized thing I've ever seen. kjb
dlls\doors.cpp (line 744)

// spoit sound here
dlls\effects.cpp (line 2252)

// !!! I'm not sure what i changed
dlls\func_tank.cpp (line 543)

// Jeez, how many counters should this take ? :)
dlls\gargantua.cpp (line 1332)

// UNDONE: temporary scorching for PreAlpha - find a less sleazy permenant
dlls\ggrenade.cpp (line 50)

// GMan - misunderstood servant of the people
dlls\gman.cpp (line 16)

// CheckRangeAttack1  - drop a cap in their ass
dlls\hassassin.cpp (line 653)

// Some grunt sentences (take cover and charge) rely on actually
// being able to execute the intended action. It's really lame
// when a grunt says 'COVER ME' and then doesn't move.
dlls\hgrunt.cpp (line 236-238)

// crap, I might blow my own guy up. Don't throw a grenade and don't check
   again for a while.
dlls\hgrunt.cpp (line 537)

// crap, I don't want to blow myself up
dlls\hgrunt.cpp (line 545)

// good place for "SHIT!" or some other colorful verbal indicator of dismay.
dlls\hgrunt.cpp (line 2015)

// play pissed idle.
dlls\houndeye.cpp (line 248)

// sound was not loud enough to scare the bejesus out of houndeye
dlls\houndeye.cpp (line 1172)

// UNDONE: blah, this is bad, we should use a stack but I'm too lazy to code one.
dlls\monsters.cpp (line 1178)

// user didn't supply a MaxDist, so work up a crazy one.
dlls\monsters.cpp (line 2247)

// it's just that easy
dlls\multiplay_gamerules.cpp (line 708)

// don't connect water nodes to air nodes or land nodes. It just wouldn't be
   prudent at this juncture.
dlls\nodes.cpp (line 1205)

// Hey, I could use the old 2 racing pointers solution to this, but I'm lazy :)
dlls\pathcorner.cpp (line 384)

// HACKHACK -- This is bugly, but the train can actually stop moving at a
 different node depending on it's speed
dlls\plats.cpp (line 1307)

// how bad is it, doc?
dlls\player.cpp (line 514)

// What the hell are you doing?
dlls\player.cpp (line 3368)

// picks a random spot, requiring that it be at least 128 units away
// else, the roach will pick a spot too close to itself and run in 
// circles. this is a hack but buys me time to work on the real monsters.
dlls\roach.cpp (line 324)

// pick a head, any head
dlls\scientist.cpp (line 681)

// Point and scream!
dlls\scientist.cpp (line 990)

// is this legal?
dlls\scripted.cpp (line 631)

// this is evil
dlls\scripted.cpp (line 812)

// This will probably break some stuff
dlls\scripted.cpp (line 831)

// Furniture - this is the cool comment I cut-and-pasted
dlls\scripted.cpp (line 1202)

// UNDONE: truly ugly hack
dlls\squadmonster.cpp (line 440)

// don't provoke a friend that's playing a death animation. They're a goner
dlls\talkmonster.cpp (line 695)

// don't talk to self or dead people
dlls\talkmonster.cpp (line 660)

//!!!KELLY - here's a cool spot to have the talkmonster talk about the dead
   player if we want.
// "Oh dear, Gordon Freeman is dead!" -Scientist
// "Damn, I can't do this without you." -Barney
dlls\talkmonster.cpp (line 1093-1095)

float m_frictionFraction;   // Sorry, couldn't resist this name :)
dlls\triggers.cpp (line 56)