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hpk_extract allows you to extract bitmap images (spray logos) from the custom.hpk file in your Half-Life MOD directory.

The hpk_extract utility will create a bitmap (.bmp) file for each spray logo that is stored in the custom.hpk file.  Spray logos that are in a monochrome format will be stored in a file named "logo_m_N.bmp" (where N is a counter, like 1, 2, 3, etc.).  Color spray logos will be stored in a file named "logo_c_N.bmp" (where N is a counter, like 1, 2, 3, etc.).

The bitmap files that are created will probably be around 10K bytes per file.  If you have a 1 megabyte custom.hpk file, this will give you about 100 bitmap images.

Running hpk_extract on Windows machines:

Unzip the file into a directory of your choice.

If you are running a Win32 dedicated server or listen server, you will need to run hpk_extract from an MS-DOS session.  For Win9x you can start an MS-DOS window by using Start->Programs->MS-DOS Prompt.  For other versions of Windows, try Start->Run->cmd.exe.

Change to the directory where you unzipped the hpk_extract utility and run it with the path to your custom.hpk file.  For example...

C:\hpk> hpk_extract D:\games\SIERRA\Half-Life\cstrike\custom.hpk

Running hpk_extract on Linux machines:

Unzip the file (using unzip, not gunzip) into a directory of your choice.  Change the permissions on the "hpk_extract" file to make it executable (i.e. chmod 744 hpk_extract).  Run the hpk_extract utility and specify the path to your custom.hpk file.  For example...

/usr/games/hpk# hpk_extract /usr/games/hlds_l/tfc/custom.hpk

Downloading hpk_extract:

Download the zip file and extract it to a directory of your choice then read the enclosed ReadMe.txt file.

Download hpk_extract - Version 1.0
(includes Windows executable, Linux executable and source code)