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The BotMixer5000 will ONLY work with Half-Life version or higher. If you haven't already updated your Half-Life game to version, you will HAVE to do that before using BotMixer5000.

The BotMixer5000 allows you to run multiple Add-On bots (like the HPB bot) for Half-Life MODs.  The BotMixer5000 will allow you to spawn different types of bots in the same game (for example, PODBot and RealBot both running at the same time in Counter-Strike).  The BotMixer5000 doesn't contain any bot code by itself.  You must download and install any bots that you wish to use with the BotMixer5000.  The only thing the BotMixer5000 does is give you the ability to load two or more types of bots at the same time, in the same game.

There are problems with some bots.  Since most Add-On bots for Half-Life originated with my HPB bot template source code, most of these bots use some of the same filenames (for example "bot.cfg").  This can cause problems because most bot authors don't expect you to have more than one bot installed for a MOD at the same time.  If two different bots both use "bot.cfg", when you install the second bot, it will overwrite the "bot.cfg" file that was created by the first bot.  This causes problems if bots don't use the same commands or data inside these files.  For example, one bot might use the command "addbot BotName team" and another bot might use the command "addbot team class BotName".  If both of these bots use a file called "bot.cfg" to store these commands then the "addbot" commands inside this file won't be correct for one of those bots (and in some cases can cause the game to crash).  In cases like this, it is best to delete the "bot.cfg" file and execute the "addbot" commands by hand using the pull down console.  Note: See the BotMixer5000_ReadMe.txt file found in the Half-Life\BotMixer5000 directory to see how to send the "addbot" command to a specific bot).

I have modified the HPB bot code so that all files will have an "HPB" identifier in them.  The file that used to be called "bot.cfg" is now called "HPB_bot.cfg" making it unique even if other bots are installed for the same MOD.  I encourage all other bot authors to do the same and modify the names of files that they use for the bots to make them unique.  Many bot authors have already done this because several people wanted to be able to quickly switch back and forth between two or three different bots without having to uninstall one bot and install a different bot.

The following bots are known to work with the BotMixer5000:

For Counter-Strike:

For Team Fortress Classic (TF 1.5):

You can see some screen shots of the BotMixer5000 in action here.


I am using a self-extracting zip archive for the BotMixer5000. Download the executable and run it. The default install directory is C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\. If your Half-Life game is in another directory, change the default "Unzip to folder" to the location of your hl.exe file.

After running the .exe file, read the BotMixer5000_ReadMe.txt file found in the Half-Life\BotMixer5000 directory!!!

Download BotMixer5000 Release 5.0
Download the LINUX BotMixer5000 Release 5.0
Download Source code to the BotMixer5000