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Bot Number 1 (The Fodder Bot):

Bot Number 1 will ONLY work with Half-Life version -  If you are using Half-Life version or higher you won't be able to use this bot.

The Fodder Bot is the first bot I created. When the bot spawns, it searches the world for other players and turns to face the nearest player (it can see through walls). It will run/walk in the direction of the nearest player until it hits something that stops it (a wall or another player).

That's about all that it does.

Known Problems:

The bot gets stuck at the foot of any ladders that it encounters.

The bot will face the player or another bot and run towards them even when there is a solid wall between the two of them.

When the bots get killed, their body will sometimes hover in mid air until the bot respawns, at which point their body falls back to the ground.

The bot doesn't know when it has run up against a blocking object (like a wall) and doesn't attempt to change directions to get "unstuck".

Downloading Bot Number 1:

Below are compiled DLLs and source code files for Bot Number 1. When unzipping these files PLEASE be sure that the directory structure is preserved ("Use folder names" in Extract window of WinZip) and BE SURE you extract these files into the Half-Life folder (NOT the Half-Life\valve folder). You should have the following directory structure when you are done...

     C:\Sierra\Half-Life\ (or some similar path)

              (...other directories left out here...)

You will need to copy .bsp map files from the Half-Life\valve\maps folder to the Half-Life\Bot\maps folder.  You will also need to copy the config.cfg file from Half-Life\valve folder to the Half-Life\Bot folder. (See Detailed steps for running the bot for more information).

Download The Fodder Bot
Download Source code to The Fodder Bot