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Bot Number 8:

Bot Number 8 will ONLY work with Half-Life version -  If you are using Half-Life version or higher you won't be able to use this bot.

Bot Number 8 has the following additions from Bot Number 7:

I've fixed the bot running speed problem (AGAIN!, thanks to TheFatal's note on his Jumbot website). The frame rate is stored in gpGlobal->frametime. This value should be multiplied by 1000 and used as the msec value in the pfnRunPlayerMove() function.

I've enhanced the bot's roaming code so that it can detect doorways or intersections in hallways. The bots will detect when a wall on it's left or right ends and will randomly turn in the direction of the gap about 20% of the time. This will help keep bots from getting stuck in rooms with a single doorway leading out.

I've added a new command "botcam" which allows you to create a third person point-of-view camera behind any of the bots in the game. When you activate the botcam, your player is temporarily removed from the game. No other players or bots will be able to see or shoot you while in botcam mode. You must start Half-Life with console mode enabled (i.e "hl.exe -console") to use the botcam command.

To use the botcam, pull down the console using "~" and enter "botcam" (without the quotes) to create a botcam behind the first bot in the server. If you wish to create a botcam behind a specific bot, you can provide the Player Name for the bot when using the botcam command. For example "botcam Barney" will create a botcam behind the bot named Barney (assuming there is a bot named Barney in the game).

To turn off the botcam and return to your player, use the command "nobotcam" (without the quotes).

I have also been working on providing a Dedicated Server version of the bot MOD. I now have a Linux Dedicated Server version of the bot MOD available for download as well as server side commands for anyone wanting to run a Win32 version of the bot MOD. When using the Linux or Win32 dedicated server, clients will not be able to create bots, change the default bot skill, enter observer mode, or change the "botdontshoot" variable. Details on running the Dedicated Server version can be found here.

The "observer" mode console command exists in Bot Number 8. For details on how to use the observer command, read the discussion of The Gump Bot

The "botdontshoot" console command exists in Bot Number 8. For a description of this command see the notes on The Cinco Bot.

Known Problems:

The bots don't know how to use Satchel Charges or Tripmines (yet).

Downloading Bot Number 8:

I am using a self-extracting zip archive for the bot files. Download the executable and run it. The default install directory is C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\. If your Half-Life game is in another directory, change the default "Unzip to folder" to the location of your hl.exe file.

Download Bot Number 8
Download Source code to Bot Number 8
Download Linux Bot Number 8 for Linux Dedicated Servers. (See here for details.)