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Bot Number 10:

Bot Number 10 will ONLY work with Half-Life version or higher. If you haven't already updated your Half-Life game to version, you will HAVE to do that before using this bot MOD.

Bot Number 10 has the following additions from Bot Number 9:

I've added a more detailed ReadMe.txt file that explains all of the features of the bots and has a section to help answer common questions.

You can now change maps without having to wait for a time limit or frag limit. Use the console command "map" followed by the map name to change to another map. The bots will respawn in the new map after it has loaded.

I fixed a bug where bots would not automatically be added in team play mode. Now if you are starting a game with teamplay mode enabled, bots will be automatically added using the bot.cfg file.

I modified the bot.cfg file code so that any unknown commands would be executed as server commands. Now you can put server commands (like "mp_forcerespawn 1") in the bot.cfg file.

I fixed a bug where if a round ended while you were in botcam mode, you would have to use "nobotcam" to exit botcam mode before you could click your mouse to start the next level. Now any players that are in botcam mode at the end of a round will automatically be kicked out of botcam mode.

I put back in the handgrenade code that I had taken out (since the bots would still automatically switch to handgrenades when they picked them up) and instead made the bots a little bit smarter about when to use handgrenades. If the bot has a handgrenade (or snark) it will only throw it if the enemy is lower than the bot. Before this bots tended to blow themselves up with their own handgrenades and were often attacked by their own snarks.

I've added better support for Half-Life dedicated servers. If you are interested in running my bots on your Win32 or Linux dedicated server, I now have a version that is compatible with Valve's latest patch. The dedicated server code allows you to keep a minimum and maximum number of bots on your servers. When real players connect to the server, one bot will be kicked off automatically. When the player leaves the server a bot will be automatically created to take that person's place (up to the maximum number of bots). See the ReadMe.txt file and bot.cfg file for more details.

The new version of Half-Life allows you to load maps from the valve\maps folder instead of having to copy them into the bot\maps folder. If you have any maps in the bot\maps folder, you should move them to the valve\maps folder and delete the bot\maps folder.

Downloading Bot Number 10:

I am using a self-extracting zip archive for the bot files. Download the executable and run it. The default install directory is C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\. If your Half-Life game is in another directory, change the default "Unzip to folder" to the location of your hl.exe file.

Download Bot Number 10
Download Source code to Bot Number 10
Download Linux Bot Number 10 for Linux Dedicated Servers