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The Darkulator:

The Darkulator is a Windows utility for Half-Life BSP map files that will allow you to adjust the light levels in the map.  You can increase or decrease the light levels and you can change the skymap texture name.  This utility is mainly meant for dedicated server operators who wish to create new versions of existing maps with different light levels and skybox textures.

Here's some examples of BSP maps that were modified with the Darkulator (actual unretouched screenshots!)...

(BEFORE)      Half-Life deathmatch - crossfire      (AFTER)
crossfire crossfire_dark

(BEFORE)      Counter-Strike - de_dust       (AFTER)
de_dust de_dust_dark

(BEFORE)      Half-Life deathmatch - stalkyard       (AFTER)
stalkyard stalkyard_light

Downloading the Darkulator:

I am using a zip file for the utility. Download the zip file and extract it to wherever you want on your machine. I have included a ReadMe.txt file with information on running the Darkulator utility.

Download the Darkulator utility - version 2.0 (this includes the source code).