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Other Half-Life bot web sites...
Phineas Bot  (Half-Life deathmatch)
The Jumbot  (Half-Life deathmatch and co-op)
Android Bot  (Counter-Strike)
RealBot  (Counter-Strike)
NNBot  (Counter-Strike)
PODBot  (Counter-Strike)
PLBot  (Counter-Strike)
Rho-Bot  (Half-Life deathmatch and DMC)
Abot  (Team Fortress 1.5)
Wizard Bot  (Wizard Wars)
AgroBot  (Counter-Strike and Frontline Force)
ODD Bot  (Team Fortress 1.5, Frontline Force, Half-Life deathmatch)
Team Bot  (Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 1.5, HL, and OpFor)
Hot Bot  (Frontline Force)
FoXBot  (Team Fortress 1.5)
Parabot  (Half-Life deathmatch, Holy Wars & Deathmatch Classic)
JoeBot  (Counter-Strike)
BlitzBot  (Day of Defeat)
BSDbot (was CSbot)  (Counter-Strike)
Flamer Bot  (Action Half-Life)
Akimbot  (Action Half-Life, Lamba Arena, Worms HL, Half-Life deathmatch and a WHOLE bunch of other MODs)
Vondi's DMC bot  (Deathmatch Classic)
Firebot (discontinued)  (Firearms)
Brain of Combat (BoC) bot  (Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Frontline Force and Firearms)
FreedomBot  (Counter-Strike)
SturmBot  (Day of Defeat)
Wbot  (Counter-Strike)
Bot development or AI sites...
Computer Generated Forces (CGF).
A.I. Cafe
The Game AI Page
Amit's A* Pages
Algorithm Archive
Navigational Overview
Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems
Quake Developers Pages
Bot news sites...
Bots United
Other botman's on the web (no relation to me!)...
BotMan's Feelers Archive
Botman Multimedia
Cone Desk Clock by Wouter Botman
Other fun web sites...  (cool Half-Life MP3's, I like "aim for the head")