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Bot Number 7:

Bot Number 7 will ONLY work with Half-Life version -  If you are using Half-Life version or higher you won't be able to use this bot.

Bot Number 7 has had the following additions from Bot Number 6:

The bots will now respawn when a round ends after a frag limit or time limit. The bots get "kicked" from the server at the end of the round and respawn themselves when the next map is loaded.

I've finally fixed the bot running speed problem (thanks to TheFatal's Advanced Bot Framework). The msec value passed to pfnRunPlayerMove() must be constantly recalculated based on the frame rate (I KNEW it had something to do with the frame rate).

When I added the code to get the bots to avoid running into walls (in Bot Number 6), I created a side effect where the bots didn't want to get close enough to ladders to use them! I have corrected that problem in this release. Bots will turn towards a ladder if they see one and, if they are close enough to it, they will run up against the ladder which will allow them to use the ladder.

When playing in teamplay mode, you can "use" a bot on your team (by pressing the USE key when close enough to the bot) and it will follow you around and provide cover fire. When you "use" a bot, it will speak to you using Barney's voice. I have modified the teamlist to be "barney;hgrunt" so that Barney's voice matches the barney player model. You can change the teamlist to something else if you don't want to use Barney, but it will still speak with Barney's voice. While a Barney is following you around, you can "use" it again to get him to stop following you. If you run too fast and Barney loses sight of you for more than 5 seconds, it will forget about following you and continue roaming around. Note that when bots are following you, they don't try to pick up weapons or ammo, or use Health or HEV wall stations. When a bot sees an enemy, it will stop following you and engage in combat instead. You cannot "use" a Barney that is currently engaged in combat (try this sometime and see what he says to you). :)

The "observer" mode console command exists in Bot Number 7. For details on how to use the observer command, read the discussion of The Gump Bot

The "botdontshoot" console command exists in Bot Number 7. For a description of this command see the notes on The Cinco Bot.

Known Problems:

The bots don't know how to use Satchel Charges or Tripmines (yet).

Downloading Bot Number 7:

I am using a self-extracting zip archive for the bot files. Download the executable and run it. The default install directory is C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\. If your Half-Life game is in another directory, change the default "Unzip to folder" to the location of your hl.exe file.

You will need to copy .bsp map files from the Half-Life\valve\maps folder to the Half-Life\Bot\maps folder.  You will also need to copy the config.cfg file from Half-Life\valve folder to the Half-Life\Bot folder. (See Detailed steps for running the bot for more information).

Download Bot Number 7
Download Source code to Bot Number 7