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Building the SDK:

There are 2 versions of the Valve SDK.  The Full SDK (which includes single player support) and the Standard SDK (which includes multiplayer support).  If you are developing a multiplayer MOD you will only need the Standard SDK version.

To build the SDK you will need a C++ compiler.  Valve uses Microsoft Visual C++ Version 6.0.  You can also use one of two freely available C++ compilers.  You can use the free Borland C++ command line compiler or the free MinGW C++ compiler to build the SDK.

To develop a MOD, you will need to know how to write software in a programming language called C++.  If you are unfamiliar with C++, you should buy a book on C++ programming to become familiar with the C++ programming language before you attempt to make a MOD.

You might also want to see the MOD FAQ page on this web site.  It will answer many common questions about what you need to create a MOD and it contains links to many Internet resources to help you when creating a MOD.

To compile the SDK you will need to download the SDK 2.2 source code, download a set of patches from my website, and download the compiler that you wish to use.

The SDK can be downloaded from the website or you can download them from local mirrors that I have created on

Half-Life Standard SDK 2.2 Source Code files

Half-Life Full SDK 2.2 Source Code files

The SDK 2.2 patches can be downloaded from here.

The Borland C++ compiler can be downloaded from here.

The MinGW C++ compiler can be download from here.

Read the ReadMe.txt file enclosed in the SDK 2.2 patches .zip file to get detailed information on how to install and configure the C++ compiler, how to install the patches to the SDK and how to configure the compiler to build the DLL files from the SDK source code.

If you want to see what I used to bypass the VGUI library (which makes building the client.dll file possible), you can download the source code that I used to build the NoVGUI.dll file here.